2021 Work – Trabajos 2021

Bridge: Separation and Unification of Dualities

Identities within myself

Mixed Media Installation

I don’t need stereotypes

Photography series

I Am The Border

Performance Photograph

Mississippi/Rio Grande River

Mixed Media Installation

Video Performance, fence, wood, mixed media objects

Latina Hot Cheetos Queen

Photography series

Loss and Gain

Solo show at Suitcase Gallery, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Oil panting, cellophane paper, tissue paper, glass

Body In Shadows

Photography series

We Lost Him

Performance, glass, shadow, reflection, acrylic, flesh


Two-Person Group show

Part of I Went To Art School and All I Got Was a Pandemic exhibition

Gallery 148, Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Collaboration with Darren Schneibel

We Wont Be Silenced

Latex, wire, acrylic, dead flower